The Solution

ClaimPath knows your pain well. We are treatment center owners. We have all been there. You bill one amount and the insurance company “allows” another, much lower, amount. They claim usual and customary billing on the EOB. You and your biller call and complain. “This must have been processed incorrectly,” you state. “Reprocess this claim.” Another 30 days go by, the reprocess has been rejected. Sometimes, the reprocess works and you go from 12% allowed amount / billed amount to 25% allowed amount / billed amount. A small victory, however, you know that going after the additional 75% left over is futile. What can you do next?

This is where ClaimPath comes in to help. With our team of expert negotiators, billers, and written appeals, we call on each and every claim. We understand that cashflow is king in this industry, so we have designed the process to have no upfront fees to the treatment center. The rest is all in contingency fees AFTER the insurance company pays you. We don’t make a dime unless you do.

Why does this work?

Our process works because our team does the job that no one else has the time to do. We do the very tedious, time consuming jobs that require hard work and long hours. We sit on hold calling insurance companies on each and every patient for each and every claim. We look up each patient manually on the insurance company’s electronic data systems and document every claim. We find every error and note every low paid and unpaid claim. Then, we put a unique plan together for each claim to get you paid more.

Additionally, we have massive amounts of data at our finger tips. From working with more than 25 different treatments centers, we know what methods to use in each and every claim case that we come across. Our team has analyzed over 120,000 claims to date.

“No claim left behind”

Additional Details

We work on claims that are old, up to 18 months old, usually at least 90 days or older. Our goal is not to interfere with your current billing team. These are claims that you have written off as bad debt. If you or your biller are not able to collect on them, what do you have to lose?

Recent Success

Recently, for our last (8) eight treatment centers, we have been able to get each of them six figure checks within 60 to 90 days. To setup a conference call with us or for more information, please contact us today.