Claim Path Solutions Resolves Lower Reimbursement Amounts

Claim Path Solutions Resolves Lower Reimbursement Amounts
27th September 2019 No Comments Blog admin
Claim Path Solutions Resolves Lower Reimbursement Amounts

Our company receives complaints every day about Payor efforts to underpay or deny payment for services rendered by providers. The loser is the Provider.  Not receiving Full Compensation from reimbursement is a universal problem, but luckily a problem that Claim Path solves.

In all cases, Claim Path facilitates increased payments for each Provider thereby adding valuable revenue and profits for its owners:

  • $67,985 (6 licensed beds)
  • $106,562 (18 beds)
  • $181,990 (32 beds)
  • $891,526 (100+ licensed beds)
  • and many others…

Being treatment facility owners, our team knows the endless games insurance carriers play.  And more importantly, we understand the Frustration and countless hours necessary on the phone to get any kind of resolution.


By utilizing special access to the electronic data systems of the insurance carriers, we conduct a thorough forensic audit. We import relevant data from the carrier which includes the patient’s name, date of birth, insurance policy details, the date of admission and date of discharge, etc. to rebuild all claim and payment information.

Our software then analyzes the enormous amount of data to highlight ALL opportunities bring more revenue into your business, and all Without Any Cost Or Extra Labor On Your Team For more information, contact us at  888-CLAIM02 (252-4602) or email us at


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