What We Offer


As treatment facility owners, we understand the costs of being distracted by


As an out-of-network health services provider you know that getting paid by


Claim Path Solutions knows your pain well. We are treatment center owners.


We have offices in San Juan Capistrano, California, Phoenix, Arizona, and

Our Process

Low Allowed Amounts?

We understand your frustration

You need a solution that gets you the money you deserve between your billed amount and the allowed amount. Are you tired of only receiving 30% or 40% of what you bill? We take over once your biller has exhausted all of their efforts.

Why We Are Effective?

Multiple Simultaneous Methods

Once your biller has exhausted all efforts to collect as much as possible for you, most centers are still paid less than 40% of what has been billed. This is where Claim Path Solutions takes over, we start with a forensic audit to identify your low and no paid claims. Then, we implement three simultaneous methods at once, these methods include: Claim reprocessing, verbal reprocessing, and written appeal follow-up, all at the same time.

Who we are

Treatment center owners and master billers

We are in your shoes. Our team is comprised of owners from treatment centers. We have first hand knowledge about how difficult getting payments from health insurance companies can be. With our frustration came the want and need to help other centers facing the same problems. This is how Claim Path Solutions was born. We have created a large team of expert billers, negotiators, center owners, and appeal writers to get you paid top dollar on each and every claim.

Avoiding Upfront Costs

We get paid only when you get paid

We know that most centers are getting squeezed by the insurance companies and this is causing cashflow issues. Claim Path Solutions has structured the entire business model around contigency. Meaning that the center does not pay until the claim pays. Contact Us to learn more at
888-CLAIM02 (252-4602)